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Is this real?

Yes, this is real. In this online store, you can purchase a variety of research chemicals, which have characteristics of illegal drugs. Are you wondering how this is possible? Continue reading.

Is this legal?

Yes. With the exception of the UK and Austria, purchasing research chemicals from our website is fully legal in almost all European countries. In the majority of European countries the purchase, possession and sale of the chemicals listed on Shinerzz is legally allowed. This is the case due to the particulars of the anti-drug laws in these countries. If you want to know the details, you can read our FAQ.

Is this safe?

All of our chemicals have been laboratory tested. To all of our products, we attach a sticker with the warning “Not for human consumption”. If you want to know why we do this, take a look at our FAQ.

Can I trust this?

Shinerzz has direct connections with leading producers in the international chemical industry. The co-operation between these producers and our dedicated professionals grants us access to research chemicals which are difficult to obtain for others.

How does it work?

Below, you can find an overview of our most popular research chemicals. Click on your desired product and quantity. Fill in your details and select a payment method. Your order will be prepared and shipped the very same day!
Example of payment method through wire transfer
payment method bitcoin
If you are unfamiliar with bitcoin and how you can get this currency, we will be more than happy to help you. Just sent us an email on or whatsapp/signal on +31 6 19673371 in English, German or Dutch.
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