Homechemistry reviews: een samenvatting van de slechtste

Hier een samenvatting van de slechste review van homechemistry.

Homechemistry review oktober lijst:

13 oktober 2020: 3 weeks and no one answers emails
Made an order on September 28th, payment has been received on the 29th. My order appears on hold since and no one is answering any of the two emails I sent to get an update on my order…
4 oktober 2020: Fake substance, bad customer service
I’ve ordered a small pack of 3-meo-pcp. A common dose of this substance is 8-15mg. After several trials by a bunch of different persons, I can say that their “3-meo-pcp” is ineffective even at 30mg doses. When I asked them for a refund, they were only wasting my time, and after one week they finally said that their 3-meo-pcp is of perfect quality. So I guess me and my friends are wrong for not feeling anything from even a supposedly HEAVY dose of 30mg… Stay away from these guys. Sending out fake drugs, then shamelessly tell you that everything’s fine.

Homechemistry review september lijst:

Home-chemistry.com is a big scam
There is a website called home-chemistry.com similar to this website which has trustpilot reviews, when clicking on that review link it takes you directly to this homechemistry trustpilot page, I got badly scammed because of this now idk what to do I suggest you to look into the issue, that website is stealing your customers check for references.
Website is onprofessioneel.
Bad packaging and contaminants. I was enthusiastic at first due to fast delivery times and what appeared to be the correct items. However I removed all stars because of bad/dangerously bad product information/packaging and presence of serious contaminants.

Other Homechemistry trustpilot review:

Got contaminated 5-apb. Ordered 5-apb (april 14th 2020). It smelled awful. Send it to a lab. Contents from lab test: 5-apb + unidentified chemical substance. Asked for an explanation from HC, never got answered. They sold me impure substance. Be careful and always test your stuff from this store.